🗒️Crafting a Blog: Our Journey to Creating a Stunning Website with NotionNext
Feb 21, 2024
Feb 22, 2024


NotionNext is a powerful tool for creators, enabling us to build a static blog that is both visually appealing and functional. With its integration of Notion and NextJS, NotionNext allows us to create a website without the need for a server or extensive technical skills. We used the HEO theme, which offers a clean and modern design that fits our aesthetic and content preferences.

Step 1: Choosing the Theme

We selected the HEO theme from the available options in NotionNext. This theme provides a fresh and professional look that aligns with our brand's image.

Step 2: Setting Up Notion

Our first step was to set up our content in Notion. We created a database for our blog posts, with each post being a separate entry with properties for the title, date, content, and other metadata. Notion's user-friendly interface made this process straightforward.

Step 3: Installing NotionNext

Next, we installed NotionNext on our local machine. As an open-source project hosted on GitHub, NotionNext is easy to set up and use NotionNext.

Step 4: Connecting NotionNext to Notion

After installation, we connected NotionNext to our Notion page. This step required providing the Notion API key and the ID of the Notion page where our blog posts are stored.

Step 5: Customizing the Blog

With NotionNext, we had the freedom to customize our blog to our liking. We set up navigation menus, configured the homepage, and adjusted the appearance of the blog posts to match our brand's style.

Step 6: Deploying the Blog

Once our blog was customized, we deployed it using Vercel, one of the hosting providers supported by NotionNext. The deployment process was seamless, and our blog was live in no time.

Step 7: Updating and Maintaining the Blog

NotionNext's integration with Notion allows us to easily update our blog posts directly from Notion. This means that any changes we make in Notion are automatically reflected on our blog. This makes maintaining our blog a breeze.


Building a blog with NotionNext and the HEO theme has been a fantastic experience. The platform's ease of use and the ability to manage content directly from Notion have made the process quick and efficient. We are excited to continue sharing our content with the world through our new blog.
If you're looking to create your own blog or website, NotionNext is a great choice. It's designed for creators like us, offering a simple and powerful solution for building a professional-looking blog without the need for extensive coding or web development knowledge.